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Caribbean Calcite is currently taken over by blue aragonite photos, a different stone that is only related to caribbean calcite by location.  Real caribbean calcite contains blues and teals, as well as often containing aragonite banding or bottoms as seen on this one.  This original, natural caribbean calcite has been mined out, so they took over the keyword with banded aragonite and amazonites mislabeled as caribbean calcite.  Don't be fooled by people who don't do the research.

Discovered only three years ago, caribbean calcite was mined out within a year, due to it's high demand.  It is said to bring peace, tranquility, and rejuvenation to the holder, and your tower is stunning.  Your tower is approximately 113mm tall.

Please note all stones are subject to natural fissures and flaws, and your tower is no exception.  She has beautiful crevices and veins that are caused by nature.  Your tower is also dented and tunneled, again all natural features of natural, untreated, correctly labeled caribbean calcite.

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