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A Little Skull so precious and carved from the rare Larimar Stone. Larimar is a crystal believed to hold energy that helps brings peace and tranquility. Larimar is the stone of the Dominican Republic and is believed to bring over us a sense of calm and soothing. The mesmerizing colors remind us of the waves of the ocean waters glistening in the sunlight. Your Skull Larimar Carving is approximately 30mm.

Please note due to variations in your screen the stone color may vary in person. We have attempted to take photos in different lighting to accurately convey the color, but please note you are accepting both variations in color and natural fissures and imperfections (not perfect polishing) upon purchase.
All natural stones are subject to fissures and natural imperfections, and your larimar is no exception, and will likely contain open veins and the occasional and divot. Please note you are accepting this upon purchase.

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